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Who is Minuteman Disaster Response?

Minuteman Disaster Response is a first-responder comprised of a well-trained, certified, credentialed group of volunteers who are backed by our local emergency officials. Our goal is to minister aid to disaster victims, emergency personnel, churches, and others in the affected area. We will also equip local organizations with information and resources they can use to support their members and the community at large. We have a custom 43-ft trailer and some initial first-aid and other emergency supplies, with more to come.

If you have a passion to share in the outreach when such events occur, here is how MDR can help you do so:

  • Discover who among those you know has a passion to help in person, and let us help you train them to be a part of our team.
  • Become one of our supplies partners, contributing from your resources and expertise when the need arises.
  • Become a financial affiliate, helping us acquire and maintain an ever-ready inventory for a variety of first-phase disaster needs.

Website: www.minutemanresponse.org

For more information about how you may participate:
please call (214) 585-2411 or email info@MinutemanResponse.org


Pogue Family Mission equips and empowers people and nations spiritually, mentality and physically, with God’s love.

Website: www.poguemissions.org – (Coming Soon!)


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