Judy Pogue

Looking back over the 30 year history of Pogue Construction, Judy and her husband can see the fingerprints of God.  They borrowed $1000 to start the business over three decades ago.  Pogue Construction is now one of the largest commercial construction companies in North Texas.  Many of the schools in McKinney and surrounding areas have been built by their company.  Judy believes that they have been blessed to be a blessing.  For over 30 years, they have partnered together in international missions in Mexico, India, Africa and Nicaragua.  Judy has taught women’s Bible studies at her home, in McKinney, Texas called “Shenandoah Ranch” for over ten years.  She is now leading women’s conferences locally and in different parts of the world.  Judy recently returned from the Dominican Republic, where a team of women taught an “Esther Arise” conference, sponsored by “Global Advance”.  Judy’s passion is to empower women to know their authority through Christ.  Her message is to inspire women to dream big dreams, and to understand that nothing is impossible with God.  Every Christmas Judy and her husband, Paul, partner with Mexico Ministries and clothe and feed over 100 orphans in Tuxtla Gutierrez, Mexico.  They have a non-profit charity called “Pogue Family Missions” to help people in need around the world. Judy started singing at the young age of five years old, and gave her life to Christ at seven.  In her earlier years, she lived in Miami, Florida and was a professional singer. She has served as President of the McKinney High School PTO, Heard Museum Board, and the McKinney Education Board for ten years.  She is now serving on the executive board of “Christ for India”.  Judy has been married to Paul Pogue for over 38 years.  They have three grown sons and eight grandchildren.  All three of their sons and families own businesses and live in McKinney, TX.

Judy Pogue Testimonials ~

“Judy Pogue is a treasure.  She fills every room she enters with grace, love, and compassion.  Her warmth and acceptance of others, regardless of their circumstance is a reflection of her unshakable faith and trust in Jesus.”

Richard Abernathy, Attorney at Law

“Judy is an amazing woman of God who is working to change our nation through prayer and instilling Biblical principles.  She has used God’s gifts to bring hope and encouragement to the world around her.”

Senator Rick Santorum

“The Pogue family has been outstanding leaders in our community for many years.  Their values, faith, and commitment to family and their community have improved the lives and positively impacted our area, leaving a legacy that continues today.  Judy is a wonderful example of a Godly wife who has dedicated her life in service to God, her family and to others.  She leads by example, living a life that honors the power of prayer and reflects God’s love and His grace that He offers to all. She is truly a light of the world that cannot be hidden.” [Matthew 5:14]

Congressman Ralph Hall